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Buy a Hantrax Doll By

Hantrax Dolls is an ongoing experimental and non-intentional visual project, an ecriture automatique with fabrics, found objects and long lost memories. The doll like figures are reflective collages of daily life in a fantastic world. With references to music, personal memories, philosophy and true stories; Hantrax Dolls welcomes you to his permanent bubble, called fantasy world.


Hantrax invited artist friends to create a series of dolls labeled ‘Hantrax Dolls by …’.  

All artist friends have generously agreed to donate the proceeds of the sales of their dolls to any of the fundraisers listed.

Please follow the instructions.

Step 1. Choose a doll

Step 2. Choose a fundraiser from the list provided

Step 3. Donate full price of doll

Step 4. Send proof of payment to

Step 5. Pick up your doll at CASSTL or provide us with your shipping details (shipping costs not included)


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