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12” Vinyl: Everything: Nothing [in Common]


12" Vinyl

Two-sided 12” vinyl record with music conceived and performed by Olivier Bringer and by David Moreno in a limited edition of 200 of which 20 are signed and numbered.

This is not a Bomb this is Art


This is not a Bomb this is Art, 2022 

Sterling silver
13 x 13 x 19 mm

Cast of This is not a Bomb this is Art, 24 carat gold version. 

Edition of 9 and signed and numbered on box

Fairy Tales Knife Edition


Fairy Tales Knife Edition, 2023 

Shrink-wrapped in polymer bag 

10 signed and numbered per artist

ON-HOLD-ON by Niencke Baeckelandt


ON-HOLD-ON, 2021
Epoxy, Plexiglas
50 x 40 cm
Unique edition of 8, signed en numberd on box

Published by C A S S T L

FEED Edition by Matheus Rocha Pitta


Feed (third pizza commandment), 2021 

Silkscreen on cardboard pizza box
41 x 41 x 4 cm
Edition of 100 signed en numberd

Published by C A S S T L

“L’homme moderne jette tout” - Emmanuel Botalatala


To be announced...

Was I Not That? - Margaret Welsh


Was I Not That?, 2019

Eggshell and house paint

6 cm x 4 cm dia.

Edition of 20 signed and numbered

Published by C A S S T L



Edition series à redouter: Horripilatio ab Imitiatione, 2019

Dimensions: 60 x 90cm

Edition of 33 (+ 2 AP), signed and numbered

Published by C A S S T L  

BLACK OUT - Raphaël Vandeputte



Xerox print on paper

Frame: 33,30 x 49,5 cm

Print: 22,5 x 39 cm 

Published by C A S S T L

Book Poetry of the Bee by Iris Rombouts


The Poetry of The Bee - Made by Nature

By Iris Rombouts

Paperback with lasercut

230 x 300 mm

October 2018

ISBN 9789082808025

Published by Ander-Zijds

Karl Holmqvist – #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH...


Karl Holmqvist – #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH...

Label: Curious Records - Curious045, De Player - DOB079

Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition

Country: Netherlands

Released: 2019

Genre: Electronic, Non-Music

Style: Spoken Word, Experimental

Edition of 500

Empty Trash by Koen Roggen


Empty Trash, 2017

Koen Roggen’s sound archive from 1998 till 2020 on an 8 GB USB-stick accompanied by a 58 page booklet, published as an edition of 100 signed and numbered vacuum packed copies.

Published by C A S S T L

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